Managing Editor

We’re looking for a capable part-time managing editor to write stories, edit copy and traffic content for clients in a wide range of industries that span relationship coaching to supply chain management. This is a job

The position is all about making content and working with ideas, and the managing editor will function as an old-school journalist who happens to be working for a content marketing firm. As such, this person will take the content needs of businesses and spin them into publication-worthy stories that stand on their own but also advance the needs of the client. Each week, the managing editor will develop and write several stories, post content, and work with freelance writers on additional story creation.

This is a great position for a flexible, curious writer/editor who loves working with ideas and wants to flex his or her editorial muscles while pursuing other activities such as a family, travel or an additional business/job.

The position requires commitment and meeting weekly deadlines, but it is 100% location-independent and ideal for those seeking a flexible schedule. The role is part-time and meant for an independent contractor, but there’s plenty of opportunity for co-creation and evolving the position into a long-term, full-time job.

This position will work on:

  • Writing stories, white papers and the occasional web page for clients and publications.
  • Assigning, editing, guiding and growing a team of freelance writers.
  • Researching and developing story ideas on a wide range of technical and industry-specific topics.
  • Mining and remixing ideas from existing content to repurpose across multiple platforms.
  • Conducting occasional video and audio interviews, and hosting live webinars as on-camera talent.
  • Overseeing and publishing content on WordPress-based sites, as well as other online publishing platforms such as Medium and YourTango.

Reading this makes you say, “Wow, that’s me!”:

  • You can understand complex and technical subject matter like ERP and the inner workings of edge routers with just a few Google searches. And that sounds fun.
  • You love working with ideas and distilling them to their essence. Fast.
  • You understand voice, and you can change your style (and even your grammar) to make it read like someone else’s copy.
  • You can write three publication-worthy articles in an hour, but you’re also capable of New Yorker-style quality if given the time.
  • You have other clients, and you plan to keep those clients.
  • You’re hungry. Writing and content creation is your future (and maybe also your past).
  • Missing a deadline makes you cry. And you never cry (about deadlines).
  • You’re the first one in a meeting, and nobody knows the craziness behind the scenes because you make it look easy and always come prepared.
  • Your art is speed without compromising too much quality.
  • You are looking for stimulating work that gives you total location freedom and lots of schedule flexibility.
  • You love self-development, relationship topics AND highly complex technical material, and you can write convincingly on any topic. Secretly the relationship stuff is your favorite, though.
  • You don’t wait for others to tell you what to do, and you reach your goals even when nobody is holding you accountable or giving guidance.
  • You care about things like the em dash and the serial comma, but not really.
  • You don’t care if you have a byline, or if someone else gets credit for your words. The Economist is your hero.
  • You can overcome a headache and writer’s block on deadline day.
  • Startup culture makes you excited, and you know what that means.

In an ideal world, you:

  • Will learn what you don’t know and consider that one of the best parts of the job.
  • Have experience managing and posting content through WordPress.
  • Know how to hack HTML, CSS or even Javascript and PHP.
  • Know how to edit video with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere or similar—and love how Gary Vaynerchuk uses the medium.
  • Have made a podcast before, or at least thought about it.
  • Love social media and understand the business opportunities with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social channels.
  • Have more than a couple years experience as a journalist, ideally as a managing editor.
  • Have worked as a freelance writer before, and currently have other writing clients.
  • Want to make this your own and grow the position into a full-time career.
  • Understand content marketing and know how to insert client references organically, include keywords and build in an appropriate CTA.

This job is NOT for you if:

  • You’ve missed more than three deadlines this year or are scared of weekly deadlines.
  • You think boundaries or personal issues are an excuse for missing deadlines.
  • You are passive-aggressive and can’t speak your mind tactfully.
  • You can’t work on your own with minimal guidance.
  • You need a byline.
  • You can’t write fast even on the days when you have a headache and writer’s block.
  • You think words are your babies.
  • You need health insurance provided by us.
  • You have no other job.

The nitty-gritty:

This is a position for an independent contractor with additional sources of income.

Right now the position is part-time, but we’re open to making it a full-time position in the future if you want to grow the job with us.

We offer competitive compensation, but don’t forget that this is content creation and not banking or coding.

Here’s how to apply by Midnight Eastern US time on Friday, February 22:

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